Elias…came in his th career game, becoming the first Major Leaguer to reach 1, hits by his th game since Denard Span game No. Colorado…was his sixth career “walk-off” hit first as a Yankee and first career “walk-off” HR. Spent the majority of the season playing shortstop, posting a. Led the NL with a. Made his postseason debut, batting. Louis and NLCS vs. His season was cut short after suffering a sprained left ankle, September 2 vs. Had 15 three-hit games, tied for sixth-most in the N.


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Microsoft is bringing back the X0 events in the form of X Join Paul in a new episode of The Insider where he dissects this news and makes a few predictions regarding what to expect.

Most made after the mid s have a manufacturing date stamped on them, usually on the bottom or the bottom edge of the fount tank. To date your lantern, first make sure the fuel cap is down tight and then turn the lantern upside-down and look at the bottom of the fount. Figure 1 Bottom of Model A lantern, October The most common location and method of date stamping, used since the late s, is just off-center on the very bottom of the fount. You will see two sets of numbers, one set left and one set right of center.

The number, or numbers, on the left indicate the month while the numbers on the right are the last two digits of the year. The Model A lantern in Figure 1 was made in October 10th month of Excessive paint or rust may make the numbers hard to read but if you scratch the area lightly with a sharp instrument you should be able to read the numbers. We do have one exception: A lantern from January of could be stamped A And, the period identified by the letter seems to be longer than a month.

Now lanterns made prior to or so have a similar method of stamping, but the number stamps are reversed.


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He eventually joins the ranks of Optimus Primal and the Maximals. He is driven by a code of honor somewhat modeled from the Samurai Bushido code. He fights alongside the Maximals as part of their crew before ultimately sacrificing himself to save a group of primates from a Predacon onslaught. In the following season, Megatron creates a new Dinobot with transmetal technology, who is completely loyal to Megatron.

Outside of the television series, Dinobot’s likeness was used to create several toys. The character was one of the most complex in the series and proved to be a much bigger hit than the creators expected. Season one[ edit ] In season one, Dinobot originally arrives on prehistoric Earth with Megatron and the rest of the Predacons aboard the Darksyde. After their arrival, Dinobot believes that Megatron has led the Predacons to the wrong planet and attempts to usurp him in a duel. When Optimus loses his footing, Dinobot has the opportunity to defeat him, but chooses not to saying that a victory like that would lack honor.

Optimus saves Dinobot’s life during the attack, prompting the two to come to terms. However, Dinobot frequently clashes with Optimus over the Maximals’ morals, and has a rocky relationship with Rattrap , who normally refers to him as “Chopperface,” to which Dinobot replies by calling him “Vermin. Season two[ edit ] In season two, Dinobot is one of the few Transformers who does not become a Transmetal , but he still remains a strong asset to the Maximals.

Following the destruction of an artificial moon that hovered around Earth, Dinobot researches the strange goings-on and realizes that Megatron had in fact landed on the correct planet: He eventually discovers that the future written on the discs can be altered after witnessing Megatron destroy a mountain, and watching the writings on the disc change.


The article was about my great uncle Charles Alphonsus Duffy, a forgotten Irish-American hero from a forgotten American war. The headline captured the tumultuous last year of his life. Charles was born in in New York City. Charles was tall with a medium build, gray eyes and dark hair. He graduated from Manhattan College and then worked as a clerk in the family business.

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The product is an insulator but will conduct electricity in the molten state. In general, the metal atom loses electrons to leave a cation with a closed shell—an octet, at the cost of the ionization energy IE: A halogen atom will acquire an electron to form an anion with a closed shell, releasing energy, the electron affinity EA: A large value of the lattice energy indicates very strong bonding in the solid, hence a high melting point, and insolubility in water.

The small spheres represent the cations, and the large spheres represent the anions. Face-centered cubic structure of NaCl and MgO crystals.


Visit the Thesaurus for More strait or straight? Examples of straight in a Sentence Adjective She has long, straight hair. The flagpole is perfectly straight. The picture isn’t quite straight.

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Old Soviet colored pencils with box circa Camel’s hair pencil Pencil, from Old French pincel, from Latin penicillus a “little tail” see penis; pincellus is Latin from the post-classical period [1] originally referred to an artist’s fine brush of camel hair, also used for writing before modern lead or chalk pencils. Discovery of graphite deposit Prior to some sources say as early as , a large deposit of graphite was discovered on the approach to Grey Knotts from the hamlet of Seathwaite in Borrowdale parish , Cumbria, England.

It remains the only large-scale deposit of graphite ever found in this solid form. Consequently, it was called plumbago Latin for “lead ore “.

Code Model Code Model Code Model Code Model 7G FXS 2H CLE Sidecar 6H FL 9H FLH Police 9G FXWG 3H FLH Classic 7H FLH Police.

Seismic activity near the Ark resulted in Ironhide ‘s discovery of dinosaur bones, and Wheeljack was inspired to build the dinosaur-based Transformers: Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge, collectively called the Dinobots. They were incapable of any cognitive reasoning, and even failed their first simple task assigned by Ratchet when activated as seen in “S. Wheeljack’s magnetic inducer was the only thing that stopped them.

Being nearly indestructible, the next alternative was to seal them away forever, deactivated. That same day the Autobots were caught off guard by a Decepticon ambush. Their friends having been captured and on the verge of destruction, Wheeljack makes a snap decision and installs the upgrades to the Dinobot’s brains just before sending them in to their initial engagement against the Decepticons. Upon their arrival and subsequent victory over the Decepticons, Optimus Prime agrees that the Dinobots shall remain among them.

Unlike all other sub-groups that were introduced later in the series with the exception of the Insecticons , the Dinobots did not have the ability to combine and form one giant robot, but instead were designed to attack separately but as a unit using their strength and tremendous size to their advantage. Each Dinobot is roughly a third the size of a combiner, and together as a team they could at least challenge a combiner. This was first seen in the last episode of season one, episode sixteen, “Heavy Metal War” [7] when the Dinobots faced the “newly built” Constructicons merged form, the ” Devastator “.

Each Dinobot has a different attack method and array of weaponry, but are most powerful and effective when in their dinosaur forms, using their build to their advantage.

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A glucose tolerance test is a common type of testing for potential gestational diabetes. There are several tests intended to identify gestational diabetes in pregnant women. The first, called the Glucose Challenge Screening, is a preliminary screening test performed between weeks. If a woman tests positive during this screening test, the second test, called the Glucose Tolerance Test, may be performed.

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Listen Again listen, duration: The station was relaunched in April Primark is changing its sizes and not everyone is impressed. It broadcast from its studios. Aside from dedicating adult personals edmonton a daily hour-long show to Brighton’s Festivals, it also provided in-depth internet coverage, including reviews, features and video clips.

If you live in the northern areas of Sussex, you may be able to receive stations on the London digital radio multiplexes. And sufferers aren’t happy. References edit External links edit. Woman applies a full face of makeup to look “glamorous” during labour. The next revamp occurred on 1 September , when the station reverted to a more traditional mix of talk and music, and introduced new presenters such as Chris Ashley, John Radford Giles Dilnot, Bill Buckley and Simon Bates, who presented the Sunday morning show.

Now Digital Southern Ltd. A local digital radio multiplex covering Surrey North Sussex, including many parts of south London, is on the air now on channel 10C and is operated. Terms and Conditions Here’s the link to our competition Terms and Conditions.

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