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Counter at Singh’s Roti Shop. Ben Pomeroy] More Ribs Essential techniques, recipes, and more! When it comes to culinary influences, Trinidad has it good. A colonial and mercantile history has left the small Caribbean island with imprints of India, China, and West Africa; add in native crops, fish, and spices, and you have a cuisine that boasts a happy congress of curries, noodles, and spice. Read a Trini menu and you can chart the distinct diasporas that make up Trinidad’s population. Spicy curries and Cantonese dishes reflect waves of Chinese and South Asians, many as indentured servents, who arrived to the former British colony in the 19th Century. King fish, tart sorrel, and green callaloo are the contributions of the Afro-Trinidadian population. And where people mix, so does food; the island’s ethnic communities have borrowed from each others’ recipes and adapted local ingredients like Scotch bonnet and the green seasoning chadon beni. New York’s Trini diaspora has settled across a few enclaves in Queens and Brooklyn, with casual restaurants, steam tables, and roti shops to feed them. Follow along on our tour to see what they’re cooking.

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The art collection of the complex has an estimated 3, pieces, dating from the ninth to the 16th Century. A number of talks and concerts are also held here throughout the year. When hunger strikes, guests can dine at a handful of restaurants just a short walk from this historic landmark of New York. Asian Dining Mamasushi mamasushi. Teriyaki, barbecue and udon noodles are on the main menu. The sushi lounge features hookah and music on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Book Christmas day dinner now in New York Area. Explore special menus, see photos and read reviews of some of the best restaurants in New York Area open Christmas Day. Enjoy a 3 course menu in the heart of Times Square, basque-ing in NYC’s holiday spirit. The Whitby Bar and Restaurant. Exceptional ().

And it turns out that the most treasured boites, cafes, and eateries in New York’s history have been the sceniest ones — the places where people went before or after a club, or which became like clubs, thanks to the extraordinary richness of the ambience on the menu. Here are the 10 most glorious of these fabled haunts: Well, he later premiered Chinese Chance which was nicknamed One U with Richard Sanders, and the result wasn’t quite as legendary, but it did have a distinctly downtown cache.

One U was a comfortable, atmospheric ’70s hangout for clubbies, stars Lauren Hutton, Nico, Bowie , and gawkers. Sitting there one night, I learned that Reagan had been elected in — but I still have good memories of the joint. Lady Astor’s Lafayette Street, across from the Public Theater I loved this charming hangout, which brimmed with chandeliers, mirrors, and hanging velvet.

Amazingly, it wasn’t the least bit pretentious. It was actually cute and almost clubby, and I remember going for light snacks and not being forced to order more than I wanted.

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Do you find it difficult to meet quality single relationship-minded people? Do you complain to your friends “all the good ones are taken”? Are you frustrated with online dating? Are you looking to expand your circle of friends? Do you want to try new and exciting restaurants?

the most romantic restaurants in nj The following restaurants are, in our opinion, the most romantic that New Jersey has to offer. It is the definitive romantic dining guide to the garden state.

Email A man arrested in connection to a bi-coastal crime spree that involved murder, rape and holding a woman captive used dating websites to connect with some of his alleged victims, police say. He was arrested this week in California, where authorities accuse him of sexually assaulting and attempting to kill another woman he was allegedly holding against her will after they went on a date, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. It wasn’t immediately clear what dating websites or applications Drayton used in his alleged crime spree, or if he used one to meet his alleged victim in California.

Shea said the suspect had used “multiple websites. Separate investigations converged Drayton came to the NYPD’s attention while they were investigating the murder of year-old Samantha Stewart in Queens after her body was discovered by her brother on July 17, Shea said Thursday. In both cases, investigators were led to Drayton, he said, who was “tracked across the country.

According to a news release from the Los Angeles County District Attorney, Drayton allegedly strangled and assaulted the woman on July 22 and 23 after he refused to let her leave her apartment following a date. She would go to church and study.

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It stretches to the Hudson River and from West 14th to West 30th. Its 19th century industrial roots are blended with genteel townhouses now transformed into galleries, restaurants, parks, and markets. With Chelsea Market as its beating heart and High Line as a symbol of regrowth and reinvention, Chelsea has an interesting mix of eateries that range widely in their ethnic origins, price, vibe, flavors, and esthetics.

Located on the sandy shore of Mirror Lake just a few minutes from the Lake Placid gourmet restaurants and exclusive shopping and surrounded by the lush wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains, Golden Arrow is a refuge from daily stress.

The organization is run completely by volunteers who have a strong desire to bring together Monmouth County singles, in the hopes people can find love or simply a new friend. Other fun monthly and weekly events Monmouth Singles hosts include guided walking tours, museum trips, boardwalk walks, concerts and theatre events, movie trips, discussion groups and more! Call for more information on how to sign up for their upcoming events. You will have the opportunity to have 4, one-on-one conversations with singles in your age group.

Visit their website to register online. Dating for a Cause events allow you to meet other singles and help great local charities. For personalized, one-on-one matchmaking and coaching, call New Jersey – Before each event, you are greeted by the host and sign-in. Everyone then meets at the bar area to mingle and relax a bit before our event begins. Then we begin, here’s how it works: Men participants progress around the room to a different table to meet a woman new “date?

At the sound of the “gong,” each date ends and everyone marks their scorecard as to whether or not they’d like to follow-up with that particular person.

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If you want to enjoy one of the best Sunday brunch experiences, then you have come to the right place. The creamed spinach was seriously the best I’ve ever had! Although slightly pricey, it was most assuredly worth every penny!

NYC Lunch Specials. Monday-Friday / 11am-2pm Hey Manhattan, try our lunch specials! Under $9, including a new Baja Taco and Mini Philly! Store Specific Beer Menus. Now Manhattan Hooters features a personalized beer menu. From local crafts to seasonal favorites, no matter your preference, we have you covered. And when it comes to pairing beer.

Alcohol makes every awkward social situation at the very least bearable and at best Academy Award worthy. A diamond in the bottom of a glass is clearly a choking hazard! I mean really, who would want to find an enormous chunk of bling waiting expectantly for them in the bottom of their martini silently raises hand…. I cannot drink out of a martini glass without spilling. A good burger holds the key to my heart.

Virtually nothing gets between me and my chocolate. Or cake this world needs more cake. Or…flakes of carat gold? This sundae is basically a golden idol, so praying to it kinda makes sense. You could probably find me in the club I ultimately claim responsibility for none of my actions when I go to a club. After a few cocktails, I feel like I can achieve Dancing with the Stars status on every dance move ever, including but not limited to: Nobody really needs to pay thousands of dollars to embarrass themselves.

If any of you have been on a date anything like any of these you MUST let us know! I want to hear all about it!

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Naturally, in places like NYC, competition is fierce as there are clearly more women looking for rich men than there are rich men looking for their life partners. In many cases, rich men are too busy with their businesses or their hobbies or, maybe, are already happily married and so, unfortunately, are unavailable. But How to meet rich men in NYC? Make no mistake, finding a rich man to marry in NYC is not easy!

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s tumultuous relationship has had plenty of ups and downs since they began dating in January — take a look back at their best and worst moments!

By Stephanie Buck Good luck finding anything cheaper. Cofounded by Mary Biggins, who first launched popular fitness class booking service ClassPass , MealPass partners with select restaurants using the same model. After subscribing for the month, users can view menus each evening via the web no mobile app , place their lunch order by 9: Each restaurant offers one lunch item per day of its choosing.

The company previously launched in Boston and Miami. But that doesn’t include tip, nor does it account for last-minute lunch meetings with your boss. MealPass plans to add more soon but couldn’t share which neighborhoods it would target next. Though many restaurants see food service apps as a form of marketing they wouldn’t otherwise access, critics question whether fees and disruptions in service actually cause more complications and risk for small businesses.

Many restaurants aren’t able to hire more delivery or prep employees to compensate for these new services. As a result, meals can get rushed and result in poor quality food.

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